If You Only Dare

Standing Foot Behind Head PoseYou must brave being the odd one out
Before you can find your way on the less-travelled path
You must leap without a safety net
Before you can feel firmly grounded on your feet
You must dare to roll in the mud
Before you can carve out a life of true beauty
You must risk the missteps, tumbles and falls
Before you can finally arise steady, strong and tall

© 2015 Renee L. Canada



  1. […] While there have been more lows and highs in my health journey since this photo was taken, it marked the first major triumph of taking my power back. I’ve added to those triumphs since then—getting my license back, working again and getting certified to teach yoga. I finally moved out of my parents’ home again and started a life of my own with my loving boyfriend. With his support and help, I have further healed myself with nutrition (thank you, ketosis), which has enabled me to wean off a significant amount of my long-term medication and to strengthen my body, while reducing dystonia’s (and lupus’s) hold on me. Last month, I even traveled overseas for the first time in more than 15 years on a trip of my dreams. […]

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