Full Moon Meditation and Manifesting

Full Moon Meditation and ManifestingHas anyone else been feeling out-of-sorts today leading up to tonight’s full moon? Other folks have been describing the unexpected fatigue I woke up to, as if needing to cocoon ourselves for a spell before opening up a fresh pair of wings once again to embrace the sky.

As we shift into a new cycle, a new month, it is a perfect time to let go of what no longer serves us. To let go of self-doubt. To let go of destructive thinking and behavior. To let go of despair.

Now is the time to embrace hope. To choose expansive thinking and behaviors that will serve us positively. To choose compassion for ourselves and others. To build up the confidence and courage to live our lives passionately and with purpose.

Full Moon RitualWhat do are you willing to let go of today? Consider taking a few, quiet moments of ‪‎meditation‬ this evening. Light a candle. Make a list of the things it is time to cast aside. Feed it to the fire.

Create a new list of the things you are ready to embrace instead. Set your intentions for a fresh, new month ahead. Keep them close by for whenever you need to the reminder that you have chosen to follow the path of your own making from this moment forward.


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