Pro Athletes Don Pink For Breast Cancer—Is It Worth The While?

Athletes Don Pink ForBreast Cancer AwarenessIt is October, and once again the month is awash with pink. Pink pens, pink water bottles, pink ribbons and pro athletes, like NFL players and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, are donning pink game apparel. On Thursday night, one side of the White House was lit up pink for breast cancer awareness. While I appreciate the sentiment and effort for awareness, I can’t help thinking: Is all the pink for breast cancer awareness worth the while?

Certainly, millions of sports fans are seeing pink during the month of October, but does that translate into dollars toward cancer research? I can’t help the skepticism after hearing about the controversial breakdown of Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s funds. Not all pink ribbon purchases actually go toward breast cancer research, and if they do, the percentage is so small it’s insulting. So what about pro sports teams?

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