Sleeping, Partying and Driving Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Estroven Sleep Pink

Sleep Pink Robe from Estroven

It’s hard to escape the pink during October’s breast cancer awareness month, and that seems to be true for me here at The Mind-Body Shift as well. I’m proud to join Estroven and don their pink robe for the Sleep Pink movement, helping to raise awareness and funds for the Avon Foundation for Women.

This is the third year that Estroven—a dietary supplement for menopause relief distributed by i-Health, Inc., here in Cromwell, Conn.—has partnered with Avon to challenge folks to host pink pajama parties or share their pink PJ selfies across social media. With each party photo submitted to, Estroven pledges $250 to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and $100 for every individual selfie of you in your pink pajamas.

“Sleep Pink supports women who are going through difficult times and similar changes during this transformative stage in life and invites them to come together to galvanize support for one another in the fight against breast cancer,” says April Mills, Marketing Director at i-Health, maker of Estroven. “We’re excited to once again see how this program becomes a forum of encouragement for those affected by the disease and celebration for the day that we will see it eradicated.”

An estimated 232,670 women will be newly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the United States in 2014, according to the American Cancer Society. There are currently more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the country. While this sounds like a lot—and it is—the good news is that after more than 20 years of increases in the incidence rates for female breast cancer, the rates have been dropping since the year 2000. The decrease likely due to the results from the Women’s Health Initiative, published in 2002, which linked hormone therapy after menopause to an increased risk of breast cancer and heart diseases.

Estroven is a leading dietary supplement for managing the symptoms of menopause. It has made limited edition Sleep Pink packaging for retail stores nationwide, along with Sleep Pink retail displays at select Walmart stores.

Tadasana for Breast Cancer

Sleep Pink PJ Selfie

Sleep Pink also has some great ideas for how you can host a fun and inspiring pink pajama party of your own and help raise more funds for Avon. Get party planning tips and recipes on   .

I invite all my readers to join the Sleep Pink Movement with me in one of two ways:

  • Throw a Sleep Pink party and upload your photo on   to raise $250
  • Take a selfie in pink pajamas and upload it to  raise $100

***Thanks so much to Estroven Sleep Pink for the cute pink robe!

Waze Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Along the same theme, the community-based traffic and navigation app Waze is sporting pink ribbons to mark local breast screening centers at locations in the United States. Just enter the word “Pink” into the search engine, and Waze will help you find a pink ribbon facility in your area.

Breast Screening Location in CT

Waze creates local driving communities by encouraging user to share information along their routes about local traffic, road hazards, police presence and accident reports. A community member OrbitC came up with the suggestion that sparked the idea for the pink ribbon campaign.

I naturally had to test the app out of for myself for pink ribbon locations in the area. I found one less than 15 miles from my home and a few more not too far a drive away.

Breast Screening Location on Waze

Women's Imaging of Buckland Hills at Open MRI

Women’s Imaging of Buckland Hills at Open MRI

It appears that nearby states might have either more community engagement or just better labeling of breast screening locations.

Waze Pink Search

Either way, I think the pink ribbon locations are great visual reminders for those of us who are more prone to forget our yearly screenings.

Visit Waze online at


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