Even mild dehydration may affect mood and energy, cause headaches

Ever find yourself cranky and restless in the middle of the day for seemingly no reason? Then, after a stop to the water cooler in the office or to the tap in your kitchen, you seem to find your second wind, feel in better spirits and are more focused. Well, there’s scientific reasoning behind that, according to a study published in January’s issue of the Journal of Nutrition.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory in Storrs, Conn. studied 25 healthy, young women, whose concentration, memory and mood were tested while dehydrated and hydrated. The women, who were an average age of 23, were neither athletes nor couch potatoes. In two of three experiments, dehydration was generated by exercising on a treadmill, with or without a diuretic—a pill that encourages urination and can lead to dehydration.

Read more about the study here.


  1. Nick Storer says

    Hi, dehydration is often the cause of many ailments in life, getting people to drink is not easy, it’s always “oh i never drink in the day”, or “if i drink a lot then i need to go to the toilet more”? The basic daily allowance often moves pending on the activity, those who exercise more need to drink more, it’s just a case of educating people to the basic’s.

  2. says

    Americans are chronically dehydrated & many of their symptoms of ill health would dissipate by drinking more water, especially a glass of warm water first thing in the am to get the digestion flowing. I constantly sip warm water all day & now rarely drink cold water, except when running.
    Turned this concept(Ayurvedic) on to members of family. They are now hooked too!

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