Learn From Favorite Yoga Teachers in Live Conference From Your Living Room

Suzanne Bryant's Virtual Yoga Conference

If you are a student of yoga who has always dreamed of attending a yoga conference but lacked the time or finances to spend days learning from your favorite teachers, YOGA IS brings the action directly to you. This weekend, virtually attend the largest online yoga conference from the convenience of your own home. YOGA IS kicks off Thursday, April 30, and continues through May 3. Participate in the … [Read more...]

Can Yoga Move Beyond Its Image Problem?

Yoga With Irene Body Image

The yoga community has been increasingly abuzz about body image ever since Lulemon, a darling of the yoga fashion world, was singled out for scrutiny in 2013 for not offering yoga attire beyond size 12. The criticism struck a nerve within a community that more than a few feel is more exclusive than inclusive—at least in mainstream culture. Vocal critics looking across clothing lines and media … [Read more...]