Looking Back With Grief and Gratitude On Last Year’s Road to Recovery

Looking Back With Grief and Gratitude On Last Year's Road to Recovery

A year ago yesterday, tests to monitor my heart landed me in the hospital with full-body muscle contractions, quirky contortions, and breathing difficulties, marking┬ámy first major dystonia storm in more than five years. I have lived with dystonia for a decade now; last month marked our 10th anniversary together. Those first few years were especially challenging (and included a 5-day hospital stay … [Read more...]

Dr Farias Reveals How to Recover Control Of Our Brains and Bodies to Redefine Thriving With Dystonia

A Ballerina Remembering Dance

Dr. Joaquin Farias, a leading specialist in treating dystonia, has been helping people with this debilitating movement disorder to recover control over their brains, bodies and lives for more than 20 years. As a featured speaker at the 2018 international conference on Movement: Brain, Body and Cognition, held July 27-29 at Harvard University School of Medicine, he gave an enlightening talk that … [Read more...]