It’s Never Too Late to Take the First Step in The Right Direction

Revolved Half Moon PoseLately, I’ve been doing a lot of meditating on whether there comes a time in your life when it’s too late to shift gears and move in another direction. While sometimes it can feel like we’ve gone too far down the wrong the path to turn back now, I have seen so much evidence of people being able to reinvent themselves, to learn and grow, to evolve toward a better version of self. I have long embraced the concept of rebirth, mainly because I have started over in life so many times, each time closer toward the path on which I’m truly meant to be making my mark.


I honestly believe that it’s never too late to rid your life of the sh!t that never has or no longer does serve you. You can change course at any moment, starting now. Starting here. Starting with one small step.


Maybe it’s time to take stock of your present life, to pay attention to where your attention goes, to observe what is receiving so much of your time and energy. Ask yourself if each activity, whether in work or leisure, is time and energy valuably spent. And if it’s not, ask yourself why not. Is there something you are avoiding by spinning your wheels? What could be receiving more of your focus that would leave you more fulfilled?


What makes you happy? What makes you come alive? What enriches your experience here on this earth? What supports your purpose, your dreams and your biggest, boldest desires? How can you start giving that area of your life more love today?


Never Too Late To Turn It All AroundNovelist/philosopher Paulo Coehlo is quoted as saying, “The important stuff stays.” I interpret that to mean that when you’re doing an inventory of your life, you need to continue pursuing what makes your heart sing, to keep seeking those experiences that spur your growth and to hold onto the people who teach you and support you with love.


But as for the rest? It’s time to start saying your goodbyes to the garbage. It’s time to start creating the space necessary for you to be open and ready to recognize, receive and embrace the heart-filling treasures that bring you true contentment and peace.


Show love for yourself by fully showing up for your life. Stay inspired and inspiring, dear readers!


  1. says

    it is never to late, but sometimes you need a push! I know for 30 years or so I was a particular person, defined by my job. It was time to change, but i would not have realized it unless a seemingly catastrophic health issue had not come along. It cleared my mind and i was able to move on and am in a better place…my advice? Do it with out such catastrophic things make you change, much, much better!

    • themindbodyshift says

      Hi Joey, I completely agree that we often (usually) need something big to help nudge, if not downright force, us to change. Severe chronic health conditions were also a catalyst for me to make the biggest dietary and lifestyle changes in my life. However, certain habits can also help us to wake up to areas where we need to evolve: daily journaling, meditation and other mind-body practices, to name but a few.

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