The Cushion at the Bottom of the Stairs

Falling Down the Stairs to Save Time - Sam Brown

by Renée Canada

Yesterday was the toughest day I’ve had in quite a while. I suppose I couldn’t expect that recent reprieve to be anything more than temporary. One could hope with all that they have, and even begin to believe. I know I did.

Side of Knee Today

In addition to the itching and burning of the conjunctivitis (pink eye) in both eyes that refuses to go away, the discomfort of the styes and other infections, yesterday I fell several times in the shower, several times down the stairs, and other places around the house due to the dystonia. I injured my shoulder and wrist pretty badly and of course added to my hip and leg bruises.

Despite this, I have allowed myself to get swept up—why do they call this losing yourself in something when this is definitely finding yourself—in the dream-building and goal-setting in ways that are growing more concrete, glistening with more focus. I know all this pain and suffering is not in vain. These are growing experiences that I learn from every single day.

What I take from this period of my life, I will share with others who are going through similar experiences. Hopefully sharing what I have learned from these years will help them find their own answers and paths toward healing more quickly, with less suffering, and coming at less a cost to them, both financially and personally. I take comfort from this.

Progress Updates:

• This past week I had worked my way back up to 15 real push ups again after far too many months. Huge accomplishment!

• Last night, I was able to focus my mind enough to listen to several short lectures on ye ole iTouch again, for first time since beginning of week.

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