Looking Back With Grief and Gratitude On Last Year’s Road to Recovery

Looking Back With Grief and Gratitude On Last Year's Road to Recovery

A year ago yesterday, tests to monitor my heart landed me in the hospital with full-body muscle contractions, quirky contortions, and breathing difficulties, marking my first major dystonia storm in more than five years. I have lived with dystonia for a decade now; last month marked our 10th anniversary together. Those first few years were especially challenging (and included a 5-day hospital stay … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Caregiving Mother

mother and sick child

by Renée Canada There are the mothers who ignore the claims that you are fine, despite the out-of-nowhere, repeated falls you’ve just taken and seizure-like jerks in your body, and insist on taking to you to the ER. There are the mothers who are by your side, night and day, during the scariest week of your life in the hospital when your body has decided quite violently that you are no longer its … [Read more...]