GMO Free CT sponsors educational documentary showings tonight, rally next week

GMO Free CT will be sponsoring a free showing of the documentary, Genetic Roulette, at two libraries in the Greater Hartford area on Wednesday, Dec. 5. The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center in Middletown and the Farmington Library on Monteith Drive will be showing the film at 7 p.m.

The 85-minute film, which highlights the health dangers of genetically engineered (GE) foods, is by the bestselling author Jeffrey M. Smith and is a production of the Institute for Responsible Technology. Smith is the author of the bestselling book on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Seeds of Deception, and is a leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices. His film describes how GE foods have been a major contributor to rising disease rates in this country’s population, especially in children. It also offers a prescription for protecting the health of you and your family by changing diet.


The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center is located at 605 Main St. in Middletown. There is a recommended donation of $5, plus a can of food for the Connecticut Food Bank.

Advanced registration is required for the Farmington Library showing, which can be done over the phone at 860-673-6791, or online at The event will take place in the community room at the main library at 6 Monteith Drive, Farmington. Following the film, nutritionist Beth Beisel will be on hand for an informational discussion about the dangers of GMOs and to answer any questions.

GMOFreeRallyGMO Free CT will also be holding a rally on Tuesday, Dec. 12, in front of the Armory, across from the Legislative Office Building at 300 Capitol Ave., Hartford, at noon.

“We want the legislators to see how many people support GMO labeling,” said Tara Cook-Littman, a certified holistic health counselor and leader of GMO Free CT. “We want to bring everyone together to realize that we have a common purpose.”

Littman says that after California’s Prop. 37, a measure to require foods made with GE ingredients to be labeled, was defeated in the recent elections, people need a lift. “This [movement] is not dead,” she said. “This is far from over.”

Littman was encouraged that more than 4 million voted in favor of Prop. 37. She said that a coalition of 30 states—including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont—are coming together to create labeling campaigns, what Ocean Robbins recently called in the Huffington Post, a Coalition of States for Mandatory GMO Labeling.

“Advocates of GMO labeling plan to actively pursue legislation on the state level in 2013,” wrote Alex Pietrowski in Before It’s News.

“We need to get legislation passed in all of our states because the federal government isn’t going to,” Littman said.


src: GMO Free CT

Thought HB 5117, Connecticut’s own “Right to Know” GMO labeling bill, failed to pass earlier in 2012, Littman remains optimistic. “It was disappointing that the bill didn’t pass here in Connecticut, but we knew it would take time. There will be more momentum [in 2013], and we will have more friends on our side in the legislature.”

She adds, “We’ve never stopped [our fight for labeling]. We’re stronger than ever.”

In the next year, GMO Free CT plans to have increasingly more forums to educate the public. According to Littman, they hope to have Jeffrey Smith speak, as well as Steven Drucker, author of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, who sued the FDA in the ‘90s for their policies on GMOs. Another highly desired speaker is Pamm Larry—the farmer, midwife, businesswoman and grandmother, who quit her day job to educate herself on GMOs and pushed to get the LabelGMOs initiative on the California ballot.

Littman emphasized the importance of teaching family, friends and neighbors about GMOs. “Our goal is to educate as many people as possible to reach out to legislators to let them know they want labeling and to let their voice be heard,” she said. “Anyone that wants to get involved—we’re looking for help and great ideas. We want to hear from you. We’re all in this together.”

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